Introducing the Kezo Chair, a paragon of sophisticated design,meticulously carved from solid Raintree wood. This chair embodies the confluence of artisanal craftsmanship and the timeless allure of the natural wood it is crafted from. The Kezo's structure boasts a solid stance, with legs that rise to embrace the sitter in a gentle, undulating armrest. The backrest, a single, fluid slab of wood, offers a gentle recline, sculpted to support and soothe. Its rich, deep hues and distinctive wood grain patterns make the Kezo Chair not just a piece of furniture, but a slice of the arboreal world refined for the realm of high-end décor.
Color Natural Raintree Wood

Height: 765mm
Width: 572mm
Depth: 462mm
Seat Height: 450mm

Crafted from solid natural Rainwood. Each and every solid wooden product is absolutely unique and has different colours, shades, and grains. Any cracks, knots, holes, or splits before or after sale represent a natural feature of true solid wood, they are not imperfections but rather been accepted as a characteristic of solid wood.

Natural: In sock
Black: In stock

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