Natural Stone Collection

Travertine Bianco

We use Travertine Bianco which is neutral and lighter in tone. The colour scheme is made up of light sand tones with magnificent streaks of tan and pearl. Lighter settings will bring out lighter tones, while darker settings will hero the darker tones. 

Please note this stone does feature natural wholes and occasional hairline cracks. These are natural characteristics of the stone.

Elefante Bianco

Rich, deep and complex, our European sourced Elefante Bianco celebrates the true beauty of natural stone. A synergetic ensemble of simplicity and disarray is fashioned as each break, shape and colour come together to produce a result. Asphalt tones fluidly permeate through light chunks of light stone in varying patterns that make each piece perfectly unique. Our range of Elefante Bianco furniture is designed with a principle of minimalism to allow this breathtaking stone to shine through and be the hero.

Calacatta Bianco

Calacatta Bianco is a beautiful white Calacatta marble with soft black adn grey veins running through. A soft and natural matte marble that varies piece to piece.

Jade Green

An array of green tones run through this stone in a streak-like symphony creating a marvel that feels perfectly at one with the earth. Tones of forest green, moss, slate grey and the occasional hint of dark charcoal and asphalt are present. Jade Green paints a picture that likens one’s environment to a tropical forest with each piece of stone having its unique make up, colour pallet and streak formation. 

Honey Onyx

A rare and unique stone, our exclusive Honey Onyx possesses tones of honey, caramel, cafe au lait, snow, ice and occasionally a hint of slate grey. Onyx emits a natural glow that makes this stone truly distinctive and outstanding.

White Onyx

White onyx is a true representation of subtle beauty. Emitting a natural grow-like aura, White Onyx is defined by white, ice and cream tones with the sporadic feature of gold and sand.

Natural Wood Collection

Black American Ash Wood

Our black American ash wood has been stained black throughout while still perfectly celebrating the natural wood grain.

American Ash wood

Our American ash wood has been bleached with our own unique shade. This light wood a beautiful lightly buttery tone that is perfectly complemented by natural wood grain. This wood is very versatile and complements other lighter woods that surround it. Being natural wood, grains, tones, shades and notes will vary making each piece unique.