Do you have a showroom?

Our Sydney showroom is located in The Mill within the Grounds of Alexandria, 41-43 Bourke rd Alexandria 2015.

Our Melbourne showroom is located at 129 Bridge rd, Richmond 3121.


How long does it take to receive an item that’s not in stock?

This all depends on the item. Please feel free to contact us regarding the item and we can provide an approximate date of arrival. With current international issues which has effected shipping worldwide we are not able to provide accurate or exact arrival dates as unforeseen circumstances may and have sadly occurred.

How long does it take to receive an item that is in stock?

This depends on your address and area. If your goods are in stock, you will, in due course, be notified by our 3PL partners as to when they plan to deliver your order. Whilst every effort is made to deliver punctually certain issues and events may occur which is beyond our control. Example of approximate delivery time-frames, which is 

Sydney deliveries are +-10-14 working days

Melbourne deliveries are +-10-14 working days

Queensland deliveries are +-10-14 working days

ACT deliveries are +-10-14 working days

Will I be notified about my delivery?

Yes, our outsourced courier company will make contact with your before any delivery occurs. Please ensure you are at home during the time frame allocated. Failure to be at home when goods are scheduled to be delivered will result in a failed delivery and an additional delivery fee may apply.

What does your delivery include?

 Unless otherwise arranged our delivery service is drop off only.

What do I need to check before delivery arrival?

Please ensure that you have sufficient access into your premises. Due to the weight of certain products we reserve the right to cancel a delivery based on access, floor level and other issues that may be a health risk or hazard.  If a lift is used, please ensure that the item can fit into the lift. Please also ensure that corners/hallways are wide enough to fit all items. If a delivery is deemed failed because of access and any other factors to which we have not been made aware, the delivery fee will still apply.

Do you offer deliveries into regional Australia?

We deliver to Metro areas only. This includes Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland and ACT. Metro areas are only considered within 15km of the city center. For other areas or regional deliveries we recommend you please contact us so we can suggest a courier or assist with a freight quote.  

Can you store my furniture for a prolonged delivery date?

Yes, we can store your items for you once purchased and deliver within an approximate time frame in line with your request. Please note that after the first 2 months, we charge a storage fee of $25 per week.

Can I collect my furniture?

We prefer to deliver, ensuring a safe and complete delivery using professional staff. In the case you prefer to collect using your own transport company and staff we can not be held liable for any damages or breakages that may occur in transit or when assembling yourselves. 

If you wish to collect and should your goods be defective it will be the customers responsibility to return the items to our warehouse if agreed. A refund and or credit, if agreed, will only be granted once goods are fully inspected by us. 

Can you guarantee an arrival date of items not in stock?

We wish we could but unfortunately and due to major shipping issues, Covid and other unforeseen circumstance we can not guarantee an exact arrival date. We have, as many other have, experienced delays in shipping and sadly this may occur. Unexpected delays may occur and we request you please understand that these unforeseen events may happen.

Do you custom make furniture?

For commercial projects and a minimum order quantity is ordered we can assist but if it’s for a one off, regretfully we are unable to.

Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

Regretfully we do not offer refunds or exchanges and suggest you make 100% sure before making your purchase. Once goods are unwrapped/unpacked we are unable to return items back into our warehouse

What is your warranty?

We offer a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. Our warranty does not cover natural wear and tear, neglect or the use of any chemicals/abrasives that may be used on our products. Staining on stone/marble/travertine are not covered in our warranty policy.

How does one care for stone/marble/travertine furniture?

We believe that the less you do the better. Our stone is honed for added protection but we still recommend you avoid any spills of liquids and use the product with care. Should any spill occur, please wipe as soon as possible. Some acid substances or detergents may stain the products so we again recommend ultimate care. To clean your product please use a eco friendly soap/dishwashing liquid diluted with water to wipe on a daily basis.  

How is our fossil stone range manufactured?

Each piece of fossil stone has been painstakingly pasted and tiled onto a stable hollow frame. 

The table tops are solid stone veneer tiles making the table more lightweight and easily transportable.

Is our fossil stone very heavy?

This range is not as heavy as other natural stones we use in our range, yet the look is almost identical. The fact that the genuine stone is glued onto hollow frames reduces weight considerably but at the same time providing the look of solid stone. 2 men would be needed to carry and/or deliver dining tables and larger items.

How is our travertine and marble range manufactured?

This depends on the item in the range. Some items are made from solid marble/travertine. Some items are solid but may be hollow internally whilst some others are 100% solid. Please feel free to reach out to us should you have any specific enquiries

Is our travertine and marble very heavy?

This range is heavier than our fossil stone collection and requires 2 - 6 man handling depending on the items. 

Before placing your order, please ensure there is adequate access into your home as some of these items are extremely heavy, this includes elevators, stairways, hallways, doorways and around corners. Failure to notify us may result in a failed delivery will still incur the delivery fee.

Is every piece of stone/marble/travertine different?

Yes, being a natural product no two pieces are alike or identical. Each piece is unique and has its own characteristics. Being a natural product colours and shades may differ, what may seem like blemishes are actually hallmarks of authenticity. We can not guarantee the format, colour or pattern you may receive as this is not a machine made product that is more consistent and uniformed

 Is it normal to see slight cracks and holes in travertine/marble?

Yes, this is normal and characteristic of natural material. In fact, this is what differentiates between genuine and artificial products. Holes and cracks should not be considered defective

Are colours exactly as seen on our website? 

Images are for illustration purposes and colour may differ depending on external factors such as your monitor settings, tungsten lighting, use of warm and cool light, incandescent lighting in your home, shadows and other circumstances. We cannot be held responsible,  exchange or refund based on colour variations. You are welcome to contact us for a clearer description of colour before making your purchase.

 Is your furniture suitable for commercial use?

Yes, most of our items are suitable for commercial use and state accordingly.

How long do I have to report a defect/damage after delivery?

Please check your products thoroughly on arrival and ensure you are satisfied as we can not entertain any complaints thereafter, once our transport company has left your premises. You will be given a 48 hours period to report any damages. If you require the item to be stored for an additional time period we ensure that the item/s are checked upon arrival as we can not be held liable for any damages that may occur in your own storage or possession.