Welcome to our casa



Our story starts with three siblings mentored by generations of furniture designers and stylists. 

 With furniture in our DNA and a passion for all things design, Casa Blanco was founded to express the creativity, style, and values that we have engrossed along the way. We conceptualised a brand with impeccably high standards and strong ethos, while remaining playful, authentic, and innovative to share our vision with the world. We believe in providing nothing short of the finest quality, exquisitely designed furniture without taking any shortcuts along the way. We take sustainability and environmental care as an obligation that we must maintain, just as we do with our customer care.  

 Our mission is to use this passion to provide furniture that will add timeless value to be appreciated for years to come. At the heart of Casa Blanco is the concept of timelessness. This is a value that we believe has often been neglected in the fast paced, ever-changing society that we live in. New products come and old products go at such speed that the true appreciation begins to be lost. This is what we want to avoid. We want to create pieces that stand the test of time and doesn’t fall victim to changing trends and fads. That to us is true beauty and style.


We invite you to join this journey with us and welcome you to Our Casa!