Marble: Nature's Gift To Us

There’s just nothing quite like natural stone. The look, the feel and the story combines to create a natural marvel and showcase the beauty of the environment at work. When decorating a building, natural stones are ideal for both interior and exterior decoration because of their earthy appearance, natural beauty, and sustainability.

Marble has been extensively utilised by architects, artists, and designers throughout history. It is mined in quarries and then transformed into various tile, paver, slab, and mosaic products in manufacturing facilities. Marble comes in a wide range of beautiful colours and tones, each with unique veining patterns and intensity.

For interior design and furniture, the most popular marbles include: 


Elefante Bianco

Source from European quarries in Italy and Greece, Elefante Bianco is a truly unique and striking marble. Rich, deep and complex, our European sourced Elefante Bianco celebrates the true beauty of natural stone. A synergetic ensemble of simplicity and disarray is fashioned as each break, shape and colour come together to produce a result. Asphalt tones fluidly permeate through light chunks of light stone in varying patterns that make each piece perfectly unique. Our range of Elefante Bianco furniture is designed with a principle of minimalism to allow this breathtaking stone to shine through and be the hero.


Carrara Marble

There are lots of ways to use Carrara marble in construction, interior decor and art. Carrara marble was used in ancient times to build religious buildings, monuments and sculptures by ancient civilisations, like the Romans. Its hue ranges from white to blue-grey, and its linear veining, which can be subtle or spectacular, makes Carrara unique.


Calacatta Marble

Known for its deep white colour and thick, lavish veins, this marble comes in various colours, from creamy beige to gold. Italian mountains provide plenty of quarries for this natural stone. This is why Calacatta is so often mistaken for Carrara, but they aren't the same. Their geological formation is almost the same, and they're both white marble. The differences aren't necessarily visible to the untrained eye, but they're there. Calacatta tends to be whiter with thicker veining, while Carrara tends to be deeper grey.

Emperador Marble

Quarried in Spain, Emperador marble has a characteristic dark brown colour. First and Standard grades are offered, with delicate veining. The colour is homogeneous, with a minor quantity of white calcite present in the First Grade Emperador. Colour variation and white calcite inclusions are more apparent in Standard Grade Emperador.