Bondi Clay: Sydney's only eco pottery studio...


We sat down in the sun-lit studio with Kayde founder of Bondi Clay, an ethically conscious and sustainable pottery studio in the heart of Bondi. The space has become a favourite for many ceramists in the community as it uses renewable energy to power its equipment and lighting. There are various courses offered for beginners and for the pros out there. We couldn't recommend it enough!


You’re a Bondi local and grew up in the area, but where did your passion for clay come from and what inspired you to create the Bondi Clay studio?

My ceramic journey started during university as just a hobby, but like most people who try pottery, I became quickly addicted and fascinated with the whole experience. As I’ve Lived in Bondi my entire life, I thought it would be the perfect place to open a studio of my own and share my passion with my community.

How have the last few years been affected by Covid? What did you do to manage these changes?

Covid Has been a struggle for most business, however we have tried our hardest to adapt and provide our customers with experiences that foster a sense of community, creativity and self improvement. This is done in a few different ways such as creating a range of At-Home DIY pottery kits, including a ClayKit, Plant Pot Kit, candle making kit etc. We also offered online classes for family, friends and business that wanted to stay entertained and do something creative during lockdown. 

Is there anything exciting planned for Bondi Clay in 2022?

I have recently opened up a sister studio in Rosebery called ClayGround. This studio is larger than Bondi Clay and caters for more intermediate/advanced ceramicists. It also offer a wider rage of services and experiences such as memberships, events, classes, workshops, masterclasses and exhibitions. 

Lastly, which piece in the Casa Blanco range do you think best suits the Bondi style?

The colour and style of the Casa Blanco range is very in line with the natural earthy tones of our studios, as well the clay we work with. I think the bullet console would be an amazing addition to either of my studios where it could be used to exhibit our students & teachers work for sale. 




2 Flood St, Bondi, Sydney, Australia