In The Roundhouse founder Alyce Tran shares her career advice & top styling tips

Businesswoman Alyce Tran has earned a great name for herself in the design world. Starting luxe accessory brand 'The Daily Edited' after her career in law, she quickly became a successful entrepreneur. With an incredible work ethic, Tran continued to pursue her dreams and is now the founder of the fabulous lifestyle and home-wear brand 'In The Roundhouse'. As the Creative Director, her quirky and unique designs have become popular amongst many who are looking to spice up their table settings. Dinner has never looked so good. 

You left the corporate world as a lawyer to take a more creative pathway, it seems like it was a great decision considering how successful you have been. What advice would you have for others in this position?
I think if you can build up a business from which you can draw a salary that's great, with my previous business (The Daily Edited) we didn't leave our jobs as lawyers until the business could sustain our wages and it is much the same with In the Roundhouse, I don't work in that business full time as I think it would put too much pressure on the business financially so I actually work part time for LTK (formerly rewardStyle) - it's the world's largest influencer marketing platform!  So moral of the story is, it is all about the hustle to get things up and running! 
Being the co-founder and creative director of the beautiful and unique lifestyle brand 'In The Round House', where do you find inspiration?
Everywhere, from social media to runway shows to now travel again! 
What is your ideal table setup, how do you set the mood when hosting guests?
I love having little details on the table like place cards, personalised linens to make people feel really special! 
What trends do you see coming in homewares?
OOOH tough one, I think people are loving eclectic tables at the moment, mixes of different products and textures, so glass, ceramic, brass all on one table.
Is there anything exciting happening at 'In The Roundhouse' you share with us?
We have a three big collaborations being released in the next few months from fashion through to celebrity so get excited.
Lastly, what is your favourite Casa Blanco piece and how would you style it?

I love these tall plinths - I'd put one in my dining room perhaps with an In the Roundhouse product and a vase of floral.


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