Our Guide to Maintaining Your Velvet Sofa: Elegance in Every Thread

Ah, velvet. Synonymous with opulence, this tactile fabric whispers of bygone ballrooms and modern penthouse soirees. In the realm of interiors, a velvet sofa is the undisputed monarch, elevating spaces with its grandeur. We have hand selected the finest commercial grade velvets that will stand the test of time. But with all things luxury, the more care you give, the more you get back. Here’s how to keep your velvet throne ever resplendent.

1. Decoding the Velvet Enigma.

Understanding your velvet is paramount. From the sumptuous realm of traditional silk to the hardy embrace of modern synthetics, there’s a world in each weave. Fabric sofas are not be feared.

2. The Gentle Art of Brushing.

Consider this a ritual. With a soft-bristled brush in hand, caress your sofa, tracing the direction of its pile. This tender act maintains velvet’s signature sheen and protects it from turning lacklustre.

3. Whispers of Vacuuming.

Velvet, in its delicate grandiosity, deserves a soft touch. Equip yourself with the upholstery attachment and vacuum your regal seat, ensuring all mundane particles like dust and hair remain but a fleeting memory.

4. Addressing the unexpected.

In life’s tapestry, spills are but minor hiccups. Refrain from the barbarity of rubbing. Instead, approach with the grace of blotting, using a clean, dry cloth, moving from the spill’s edge inward. For tenacious stains, enlist the expertise of professional upholstery guardians.

5. Shelter from the Sun’s Glare.

Even sun-kissed Australia respects velvet’s aversion to prolonged sunlight. Faded hues are a velvet sofa's lament. Strategic positioning or the embrace of drapes can shield it from the sun's fervor.

6. A Dance of Cushions.

For sofas graced with detachable cushions, make it a ritual to rotate them. It’s a dance of fairness, ensuring each cushion experiences the world uniformly.

7. The Annual Retreat.

As we sometimes retreat to rejuvenate, so should your velvet. An annual professional cleaning is its spa — a renewal of its lustre and vitality.

In the poetic theatre of design, a velvet sofa is a soliloquy of elegance. Tend to it with artistry and reverence, and it promises to be the centrepiece of your tales, both told and untold. After all, true luxury lies not just in possession, but in preservation.


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