Komoda Sofa


Introducing the Komoda sofa, an exquisite embodiment of refined lounging furniture. Meticulously curated with an unwavering commitment to elegance, this sofa transcends the ordinary, offering a truly opulent seating experience.

At its core, the Komoda sofa boasts a masterful fusion of high-density foam and a delicate feather blend, meticulously harmonised to craft an unparalleled indulgence. Immerse yourself in its embrace, as the sumptuous combination of these carefully selected materials envelops you in a cloud of luxurious comfort, where relaxation reaches new heights.

Enveloped in a regal 100% premium linen cover, the Komoda sofa exudes an aura of sophistication. The selected 100% premium linen material has been chosen to enhance its aesthetic allure, while simultaneously elevating the incomparable comfort it bestows. The artistry of linen reveals itself in its breathability and gentle touch, ensuring an exquisite seating experience that is as indulgent as it is graceful.


Color Sand Linen

Height: 820mm
Depth: 1040mm
Width: 2300mm

The pillows and seats are crafted from a fusion of high-density foam and a delicate feather blend. Covered in a luxurious 100% natural linen.

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