Mirco Cement

Bullet Coffee Table

The Bullet coffee table is a sophisticated addition to any living room. It's domed base, crafted from screeded micro cement, offers both stability and a touch of industrial chic. The rough, textured finish adds depth and character, while the dome shape provides a modern, architectural appeal. A true statement piece, this coffee table is ideal for those seeking to elevate their living room decor with a touch of modern luxury.
Color Pebble

Height: 450mm
Width: 1300mm
Depth: 700mm

Hand crafted from a screeded micro cement with a aluminium reinforced fibreglass base.

Being hand screeded, the surface exudes a textured appearance. Differing textures and light marks are common and are part of the nature of the material.

Avoid spillage of liquids or highly pigment/acidic foods or oils as much as possible and to wipe away as soon as possible if it does occur as these can penetrate the sealant. Micro Cement is naturally porous. It is recommended to use coaster/placements when possible and avoid placing hot items directly on the surface. To clean, simply wipe with a cloth damp with just water or a mild detergent. Dry with a towel immediately after. The surface may appear to be marked/damp; however, this will dry naturally. It is recommended to re-wax the surface periodically to maintain the sealant. Cement can fade over time and develop small hairline cracks which are not seen as defects, but rather the nature of the material that does not affect the structural integrity. Do not place very hot items such as pans directly on surface.

Pebble: In stock.

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