How To Care For Your Fossil Stone Furniture

There’s simply nothing that can replace the look and feel of natural, handmade stone furniture. It’s an art that dates back centuries and to this day, has never lost it charm or stylishness. Commonly we see the likes of marble, sandstone, and terrazzo in furniture production, but today we’ll be focusing on something more unique. Fossil stone. This guide will help you care and love your fossil stone for years to come.


Firstly, let’s briefly look into what fossil stone is and the origins that brought this stunning material. The fossil stone we use at Casa Blanco is an age old and fossilised limestone that is exclusively found in the Philippines. The stone has been buried for centuries and through the process of fossilisation, has added character that makes each piece a unique piece of history. It is important to note and appreciate that all of our natural stone furniture is handmade and individually differs in appearance. No two pieces are alike and that is the true beauty of owning natural stone furniture.


Our stone is polished and honed with a protective coating to avoid staining. We recommend avoiding any acidic or highly pigmented food or drink coming into contact with the surface. This will ensure that over time, there is no staining or damage to the stone. To clean the stone, simply use a mild detergent and warm water to wipe down the surface and a clean, dry cloth to dry it.


With the right attention, natural stone can last a lifetime. So, love it, enjoy it and take care of it. In return, it will take care of you.