Crystal Bailey x Casa Blanco


For the debut interview for Our Casa, we could think of nothing more rewarding than taking a dive into the mind of one of Australia’s finest interior stylists.

None other than Crystal Bailey. 

Having had immense success in interior design as well as furniture and homeware creation, Chrystal is now fully devoted to her boutique design studio, Crystal Bailey Home. 

As not only an innovator, but an expert in Australia’s design scene, Crystal has exemplified her creative spark and experience in her work, from private homes to Byron Bay’s iconic Mez Club.


Let’s go back to the beginning.

What do you think it was that sparked your passion for style and design?


Ever since I was a little girl, I grew up watching Tonia Todman and Art Attack.

It really sparked a creativity inside of me and I knew that it was what I wanted to do growing up!

I had no idea what this job role was called, but I would constantly transform my parents and friend’s homes into spaces that felt calming and peaceful.

Homes that had balance regardless of their style and budget. 



You started Crystal Bailey Home and have a beautiful showroom in Tamworth.

Is there anything exciting coming in 2022?!


Yes absolutely, this showroom was my base to create from and now that it’s officially open, I have landed my dream design jobs creating holistic luxury homes.

I also have a course coming out in the new year teaching people how to start their very own design business and of course my own collection will be filling up my new showroom in 2022!

It’s going to be my biggest year yet. 


It can be daunting furnishing a new home, what tips would you give people to help style the home of their dreams?


Definitely stick to a hero piece of the room like a statement coffee table or Artwork, and then build around that piece to create a moment.

Otherwise, it can be costly and chaotic when everything is competing with each other.

Also think outside the box a little and don’t just follow the design trends that are currently circulating around.



What are some of the furniture trends you think will make waves in 2022? 


ohhh I’m going to say that geometric shapes will come back into the mix.

Curves have dominated for so long and I think going back to classic shapes, will make a resurgence for simplicity.


Lastly! What is your favourite Casa Blanco piece and where/how would you style it?


LOVE the Axel dining table and I would style it with a giant vase of palms and rustic timber bowls with tropical fruits, so it feels like a Mediterranean style feast!



You can find Crystal Bailey Home at 68 Brisbane St, Tamworth NSW and online at


For  more inspiration, follow @crystalbaileystylist and @crystalbaileyhome on Instagram.