How To Care For Stone Furniture

At Casa Blanco, we have made it our mission to celebrate the beauty of natural stones by designing beautiful pieces for your home. Natural stone has been used for thousands of years, with the stones themselves being naturally formed over thousands to millions of years in the earth surface. This is what inspires our love for natural stone.

Our materials have been designed to last and be loved for years, when cared for correctly. So, this is our guide to help ensure your stone will not only last but gain even more beauty with age. When asked how to care for stone, we like to say that the less you do the better. Simple cleaning methods are always the best. The stone can be cleaned with a simple solution of warm water, with a gentle soap to wipe any dust or surface stains.

It is recommended to always avoid spilling food or liquid on the surface as best as possible and take extra care with highly pigmented food or drinks such as wine. If something is spilled on the surface, it is recommended to wipe away as quick as possible with the gentle cleaning solution mentioned above.

With the right attention, natural stone can last a lifetime. So, love it, enjoy it and take care of it. In return, it will take care of you.