Material Spotlight: A Tale of Travertine

The process of hot springs percolating through carbonated minerals is where the story of travertine begins. A process of natural scarring that takes place from an accumulation of interactions with surrounding elements for millions of years, gives this limestone its distinguished character. One can say that travertine is the true tale of beauty created by impurity.


As many of the earths finest natural stones, the most abundant supply of travertine is found in the mineral rich deposits of Italy, with the most prominent of quarries found in Tivoli.


The Romans employed it to construct the Colosseum. Its popularity lasted far into the twentieth century — the Getty Center in Los Angeles and the Shell-Haus in Berlin were both created using imported Italian travertine, as was the Getty Center in Los Angeles.


Travertine has traditionally been used for facades, wall cladding, and flooring, but it became trendy in furniture making and home decor during the mid to late twentieth century. As a result of the unwavering obsession with the interior style of yesteryear, travertine is seeing a resurgence in popularity in the form of statement-making tables such as travertine coffee tables.


At Casa Blanco, we believe that the story of travertine tells the tale of our values too. A tale of naturality and timelessness. That is the motivation behind our latest release of meticulously crafted and methodically designed travertine furniture. We would like to bring this ancient stone that has stood the test of time to your home and allow you to enjoy it just as the ancient Romans and Egyptians did, once upon a time.


We present to you, our latest collection of travertine dining tables, coffee tables, console tables and side tables.


And so, we invite you to enjoy this tale of beauty through impurity, with us.