Natural Stone

Vellah Round Dining Table


A striking yet minimal frame, the Vellah dining table has been designed with the intention to hero the beauty of the natural stone that surrounds it. A 1.6 meter round table top is the perfect canvas for a bold stone finish, while the curved leg offer a gentle touch. The Vellah dining table truly is a statement piece.

Being a natural sourced marble, no two pieces are alike. Each piece is uniquely defined by its own set of veins, patterns, tones and characteristics. This solid natural stone is skilfully joined together with a hollow centre.

Color Calacatta Viola

Width: 1600mm

Height: 750mm

Depth: 1600mm

Turkish Travertine with slightly warmer tones of sand and beige.

This precious, rare and unique terrestrial stone is sourced from mineral springs. Our skilled craftsmen accentuate the richness of the travertines natural form and highlight the architectural character of our Casa Blanco designs. These timeless designs embody the warmth of this alluring stone whilst providing a neutral base with a rich organic texture.

Italian Carrara marble, meticulously chosen for its captivating aesthetics, showcases a stunning interplay between rich grey veins and a pristine white canvas. Renowned for its timeless elegance, Carrara marble is a natural stone that exudes both sophistication and beauty.

The distinct grey veins that meander through the marble's lustrous surface add a sense of depth and character to any space. These veins exhibit a remarkable range of shades, from soft, wispy lines to bolder, more pronounced patterns, creating a visual tapestry that captures attention and sparks intrigue. The varying tones of grey within the veins can range from gentle dove grey to deep charcoal, offering a diverse spectrum of possibilities for design concepts.

Calacatta Viola is distinguished by its pristine white background, adorned with vibrant and mesmerising purple veining. The veins meander gracefully across the surface, creating a sense of movement and artistry reminiscent of a painter's brush strokes. The intense purple hues stand out prominently against the backdrop, creating a dramatic and visually captivating effect.

This marble is a masterpiece of nature, captivating the eye with its striking contrast and intricate patterns. The interplay of the white and purple creates a harmonious and balanced composition, adding a touch of opulence and sophistication to any space. The unique veining patterns ensure that each slab of Calacatta Viola is a one-of-a-kind work of art, making it a coveted choice for those seeking distinctive and exclusive design elements.

Being a natural stone, each piece varies and is unique. If you are unsure of texture, colour or material we welcome you to visit our showroom or book in a virtual tour. Rounded marble will have what appears to be slight hairline cracks running through the veins. This is due to the rounding process and is a natural occurrence which has been filled and treated.

This product is sealed and honed. To care for your piece we suggest using a gentle soap and water. Do not place hot items on the stone surface. Avoid any acidic or highly pigmented food or drink coming into contact with the surface. Clean any spills promptly to avoid the penetration of the stain into the surface.


Being a natural stone, each piece varies and is unique.

Calacatta Viola - 1600mm: 8 - 12 week lead time
Calacatta Viola - 1300mm: 14 - 16 week lead time
Carrara - 1600mm: ETA around August
Carrara - 1300mm: 14 - 16 week lead time
Travertine - 1600mm: 14 - 16 week lead time
Travertine - 1300mm: 14 - 16 week lead time

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