Gold leafing



The Serafino Chandelier, an extraordinary illumination piece that redefines the essence of sculptural lighting. Forged from iron, the Serafino is an exquisite portrayal of luxury merged with elegance. The chandelier's sweeping iron tiers boast a sumptuous coating of gold leaf, meticulously hand-applied by artisans.

The allure of the Serafino lies in its harmonious proportions and the sophisticated interplay between metal and light. Each tier of this chandelier reflects a soft, golden luminescence that cascades down in a celestial glow, bringing to life the very air around it with a warm, opulent radiance. This tiered design, reminiscent of the gilded lilies of an ancient regal garden, lends itself to an air of classical luxury that is both timeless and contemporary.


Lead time: 12 - 14 weeks

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