Sahara Dining Chair


Dine in comfort and style. The Sahara chair is luxe, functional and timeless in design. This magnificent dining chair is a masterpiece in creation, a structural marvel that is appealing from every angle.

Built to last with a solid bleached American ash wood frame and a vegan leather upholstered seat which is both durable and so very practical. A chair you’ll love for years to come.

Color Natural Ash Wood

Width: 527mm

Height: 778mm

Depth: 583mm

Made from a solid American Ash wood frame, with a vegan leather seat. Being natural wood, each might differ slightly and have different grains and knots.

The vegan leather upholstery and solid wood frame can be cleaned with a wet towel and should be dried with a dry towel shortly after. Avoid spilling when possible and wipe immediately if it does occur.

Natural Ash wood - In stock
Black Ash wood - In stock

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