Roma Console - Arabescato


A bold structure with tapered edges of natural stone gives the Roma console table a robust and striking architectural grandeur. This simple and timeless form allows the stone to shine as the hero piece making it the perfect addition to any setting.

Height: 800mm
Depth: 300mm
Width: 1300mm

Arabescato marble represents a pinnacle of natural magnificence, procured from quarries in Italy with unparalleled refinement. This superlative stone is characterized by its intricate veining patterns and discerning appearance, making it a highly sought-after choice for elite interior design. Expert craftsmen devote meticulous attention to detail in highlighting the innate beauty of this marble, bringing forth its architectural character and warm tonalities with utmost precision. A true embodiment of timeless elegance, Arabescato marble's neutral base and rich organic texture exude a distinguished aura of refinement and sophistication, truly befitting of the most esteemed of spaces.


Being a natural stone, each piece varies and is unique.

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This product is honed. To care for your piece we suggest using a gentle soap and water. Do not place hot items on the stone surface. Avoid any acidic or highly pigmented food or drink coming into contact with the surface. Clean any spills promptly to avoid the penetration of the stain into the surface.


Being a natural stone, each piece varies and is unique.

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