Pebble Side Table

Crafted from the esteemed Raintree wood, the Pebble Side Table is a masterpiece of natural allure and sophistication. Its surface, inspired by the smooth contours of river stones, provides a tactile experience as refined as its appearance. Below, three elegantly carved legs, reminiscent of the pebbles that grace serene brooks, form a tripod base that ensures both stability and a visually pleasing aesthetic. The wood's rich tones are brought to life through a deliberate finishing process, highlighting the distinctive grain and creating a piece that is not just a functional table but a celebration of timeless elegance and organic beauty.
Color Natural Raintree Wood

Height: 450mm
Width: 375mm

Crafted from solid natural Rainwood. Each and every solid wooden product is absolutely unique and has different colours, shades, and grains. Any cracks, knots, holes, or splits before or after sale represent a natural feature of true solid wood, they are not imperfections but rather been accepted as a characteristic of solid wood.

Natural: ETA around November/December
Black: ETA around November/December

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