Oak Wood

Nobu Dining Chair


Exemplifying the pinnacle of contemporary refinement, the Nobu dining chair stands as a paragon of artistry and grace. Meticulously fashioned from solid oak, its triad of legs forms a symphony of structural ingenuity while embracing an avant-garde aesthetic. This masterpiece of design harmoniously melds the vanguard of modernity with the enduring allure of timelessness.

The chair's immaculate contours and sleek profile bespeak a consummate elegance that seamlessly harmonizes with diverse interior motifs. Adorned with a seat ensconced in the opulence of premium leather, the Nobu dining chair ascends to a realm of unparalleled lavishness and comfort, enticing repose with an irresistible embrace. With an impeccable fusion of opulent materials, visionary design, and artisanal craftsmanship, the Nobu dining chair reigns as a quintessential objet d'art, enriching dining spaces with an aura of refined grandeur.

Color Natural Oak x Tan Leather

Height: 745mm
Depth: 604mm
Width: 450mm
Seat Height: 502mm

Crafted from a solid oak wood frame, the seat is upholstered in a high grade natural leather. The leather seat of the Nobu is crafted from 100% natural leather, showcasing its authenticity with very subtle imperfections that are an inherent characteristic of this natural material, rather than any form of defect.

Genuine distressed leather will develop its own unique character over time. Scratches, marks and scars can occur and cumulate, including on delivery which is part of the nature and beaty of genuine leather. Avoid spills as best as possible. Use a dry microfibre towel to dust. Avoid using cleaning agents and detergents.

Natural Oak x Tan Leather: In Stock
Black Oak x Tan Leather: In Stock
Brown Oak x Grey Leather: In Stock

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