Antique bass x Leather



The Eterna Chandelier is a sophisticated lighting fixture that exudes both modernity and timeless charm. Its frame is expertly crafted from aluminum and finished in an antique brass that gives it a subdued yet luxurious shine, perfect for adding a warm, inviting ambiance to any space.

A distinctive feature of the Eterna is the use of high-quality leather straps that suspend the chandelier's frame from the ceiling. These straps are not only sturdy but also add a textural contrast to the metal, bringing a touch of equestrian elegance to the design. The combination of leather and brass-finished aluminum suggests a fusion of industrial and classic styles, making the chandelier a versatile addition to any decor.

Total Height: 1020mm
Width: 1340mm
Fixture Height: 520mm

Crafted from cast aluminium with an antiqued brass finish and hand blown glass. Please each item hand processed and exudes a wabi sabi finish. Variations in finishes, small dents, marks and scratches are common and add to the unique character of each piece.

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