The Dante side table embodies elegance and a timeless allure, hand sculpted from  aluminum. Each surface is adorned with a fluted texture that imparts a sense of classical grandeur, yet reimagined through a contemporary lens. The antique silver finish bestows the table with a regal luster, subtly accentuating the meticulously engraved grooves with a gentle, weathered patina. Perched atop this sculptural masterpiece is a tableau of reflective splendor – an antique-stained mirror inlay. This inlaid piece is not merely for catching light, but for casting an ambiance of storied elegance, its surface kissed by the gentle marks of antiquity.

Height: 500mm
Width: 355mm
Depth: 355mm

Crafted from an Aluminum frame with an antique silver finish and hand fluted exterior texture - inlayed with an antique stained glass. Please each item hand processed and exudes a wabi sabi finish. Variations in finishes are common and add to the unique character of each piece.

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