Casa Blanco

Colette Sofa

The Colette Sofa celebrates sophisticated curvature that bring timeless sophistication to your setting. Its refined curves craft an air of sophistication, making it an ideal choice to elevate any space. The Colette Sofa is a luxurious accent piece that never fails to leave a lasting impression.
Color Toffee Velvet

Width: 2390mm
Depth: 1000mm
Height: 710mm
Seat Height: 420mm

Upholstered in a commercial grade velvet - if you are unsure of colour or texture you are welcome to contact us for a clearer description of colour before making your purchase.

Toffee Velvet - ETA around July
Champagne Velvet - In stock
Charcoal Velvet - In stock
Butter Velvet - In stock

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