Celine Sofa


Introducing the Celine Sofa - a statement of grandeur. Bold in its aesthetic and modular by design, the Celine Sofa can be tailored to resonate perfectly with your living space, ensuring both form and function are harmoniously aligned. Its contemporary silhouette, accentuated by gracefully curved lines, is more than just a piece of furniture; it's a breathtaking work of art. The Celine Sofa offers unparalleled versatility with two distinct designs: a sleek armless unit and a gracefully curved arm variant. By interchanging or harmonising these units, you can craft the perfect seating masterpiece tailored to your space's aesthetics and dimensions.

Please note each module is priced per piece - for help configuring a set please feel free to contact our team

Color Rouge Velvet

Corner module: W: 2070mm x D: 1100mm x H: 840mm
Armless module: W: 1020mm x D: 960mm x H: 840mm

Upholstered in polyester velvet

Avoid spills. Spot clean with a dry towel immediately if a spill occurs. As with any fabric, we recommend using professional cleaning. Folds in the velvet can occur from normal use or packaging and are part of the nature of the fabric, which can be buffed with a dry cloth or steam ironed to reduce. Avoid excessive sunlight exposure to reduce fading and keep away from excessive heat such as a fireplace.

Rouge Velvet Corner: In stock
Rouge Velvet Armless: In stock
Caramel Velvet Corner: In stock
Caramel Velvet Armless: ETA 16 - 18 weeks

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