Bullet Round Dining Table - Oak Wood

The Bullet round dining table epitomises luxury and contemporary elegance. Its exquisite starburst-effect top, meticulously crafted from oak wood, radiates an opulent charm. The intricate pattern, reminiscent of a celestial starburst, is a testament to it's superior craftsmanship. This lavish piece, with its rich oak hues, harmoniously blends timeless grace with modern sophistication. Perfect for discerning tastes, it transforms any dining experience into an affair of sumptuous style and intimacy, becoming the jewel of any interior.
Colour White Washed Oak

Width: 1600mm
Height: 750mm

Crafted from oak veneer.

It is recommended to avoid spills and wipe away with a soft microfiber towel immediately if they do occur. Avoid dragging heavy or sharp items across the table top as this could cause scratches and/or marks. Use felt pads, placemats or runners under vases or decorative objects. It is always recommended to use coasters and placemats as a precaution. Do not place any excessively hot or freezing items directly on the surface of the table. Do not use harsh chemical cleaners, acidic substances, abrasive materials, or care products containing ammonia or silicone that could damage the finish

Brown Oak: In Stock
Black Oak: In Stock
White Washed Oak: In Stock

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