Angeni Dining Chair

The Angeni Dining Chair stands as a masterpiece of elegance, with its fluid design that echoes the grace of natural forms. Crafted from solid rain wood of the highest quality, its rich grain tells a story of timeless beauty. The chair's backrest arcs with an organic ease, while the armrests extend with a sculptural grace, offering a cradle of comfort. Each leg, a slender pillar of strength, tapers with an artisan's touch, grounding the piece with stability and style. The seat, contoured to welcome the body, complements the chair’s inviting silhouette. With its lustrous finish and warm tones, the Angeni is more than a seat—it's an invitation to indulge in the luxury of true craftsmanship
Color Natural Raintree Wood

Height: 750mm
Width: 590mm
Depth: 540mm
Seat Height: 430mm

Crafted from solid natural Rainwood. Each and every solid wooden product is absolutely unique and has different colours, shades, and grains. Any cracks, knots, holes, or splits before or after sale represent a natural feature of true solid wood, they are not imperfections but rather been accepted as a characteristic of solid wood.

Natural: In stock
Black: In stock

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