Australian interior designer Sheira, shares career highlights and her journey in the design world.

What kickstarted your career in Interior Design, has design always been a passion of yours?
I Started working in interior design back in the early 90’s, my passion was ignited when I did my first home and it made it onto the cover of House and Garden magazine – I have never looked back. My mother is very aesthetic and I grew up in a beautiful home, I have always been drawn to all things design.
Where do you look for inspiration when working on a project?
I find inspiration often in the strangest of places, a movie I have watched, a retail store, a magazine and just my overall surroundings. I also have a very vivid imagination and tend to see the entire project completed in my head well before the first spade has lifted the dirt on site! I keep a pad and pen next to my bed as I have been known to wake up in the middle of the night with an idea for a room.
Do you have a favourite project or something you are most proud of?
Every project I have done have aspects that I love and moments that really define who I am as a designer. In saying that, I was privileged to work on 2 completely diverse but fabulous homes: Mykonos meets Miami and Art House.
How do you combine beauty and function in a home? What do you seek to achieve in a space?
I am one of those designers who don’t encourage the sacrifice of function over beauty, I know there is always a way of achieving both. I tackle every space as if it’s the first work I have ever done and that is because  every client and every space is unique. I try to provide the best functionality in a room whilst always being mindful of the need for some drama, some peace and some fun.
What do you think will be trending in the design world in 2023?
I try not to predict trends as I don’t follow them. I occasionally dabble in a fun trend that speaks of the moment, but with the transient in mind. I do think that bold colour has made a huge resurgence recently and will continue to do so. I always encourage bravery and fun in everything I do.
Can you tell us any exciting projects you have coming up in the new year?
I have a fabulous family home in Mosman that we are starting now in 2023 for a lovely young family where we will be combining an historic and classic home with a modern twist. I also have a project on Hamilton Island where the stunning scenery and waterways will help to inspire the interiors of an incredible holiday home.
Lastly, what do you love about Casa Blanco?
Casa Blanco have carved out a niche in the furniture  market whereby they are offering beautifully made pieces with a cool and calm aesthetic that can be applied to both classic and modern settings. Each piece has a unique point of difference with its philosophy deeply rooted in sophistication and style.
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