Product Spotlight: The Rhythm

In our constant search for elegant eccentricity, our design team at Casa Blanco sought to reimagine the way we the see the module sofa. Our vision was to create something distinctive, that allows one the opportunity to be in full stylistic control.

The Rhythm modular sofa bestows style, versatility and comfort in a flow of modules that can be combined to create the perfect living space, how you want, when you want. A loose and detached weighted cushion securely sits on top which can configured with ease. Move it back or forth or angle it as you desire. Be your own stylist and create a rhythm of your own.

Each module includes the movable back rest which can be used or alternatively can be stored under the sofa in a dedicated hide-away compartment. This sofa allows you to configure your own style, making it unique to your own home.


Designed to inspire your own creativity.