Collection Spotlight: The Waves

When it comes to a truly iconic design, our Waves collection is just that. Defined by the curved wave shaped bases, this collection is not just uniquely breathtaking, but celebrates a certain level of stone artistry that only few can achieve. We've used this design to create a collection complete with a dining table, coffee table, console table and side table to showcase this masterpiece in different forms. Behold, the Waves collection.


Dining Table

There's only so much you can put into words when looking at the Waves dining table. It is a perfectly unison of curved and rounded edges that come together in perfect harmony. Although, this dining table is not all about looks. The centered base maximises leg room to comfortably accomodate 8-10 people around it's oval top, creating a setting that is both intimate and relaxed.


Coffee Table

The Waves coffee table will add a soft and gentle flow to your living room that feels clean and inviting. Crafted from a bianco travertine, this coffee table subtly draws your attention to become the centrepiece of attraction without overpowering. Effortlessly pair the waves coffee with a wide range of colour pallets and materials to create the perfect living space.


Console Table

Boasting the highest of bases in the collection, the Waves console table is perhaps the most celebratory of the iconic waves design. A highly versatile console table that elevate your empty space and showcase you'r favourite homewares. The waves console travel is a marvel to behold.


Side Table

So unique, yet so subtle. The Waves side will seamlessly transform any setting from your living room to your bedside. A true masterpiece of design, the Waves side table is as authentic as it is extraordinary. A piece that truly embraces the art of the ‘Wave’, this side table blends different curvatures to create an opulent sculpture.