Elefante Bianco

Vellah Dining Table


A striking yet minimal frame, the Vellah dining table has been designed with the intention to hero the beauty of the natural stone that surrounds it. A generous 2.4 meter table top is the perfect canvas for a bold stone finish, while the curved legs offer a gentle touch. The Vellah dining table truly is a statement piece.

Being a natural sourced marble, no two pieces are alike. Each piece is uniquely defined by its own set of veins, patterns, tones and characteristics. This solid natural stone is skilfully joined together with a hollow centre.

Width: 2400mm

Height: 750mm

Depth: 1050mm

Weight: 245kg
Packed weight: 300kg

Rich, deep and complex, our Elefante Bianco celebrates the true beauty of natural stone. A synergetic ensemble of simplicity and disarray is fashioned as each break, shape and colour come together to produce a result. Asphalt tones fluidly permeate through light chunks of light stone in varying patterns that make each piece perfectly unique. Our range of Elefante Bianco furniture is designed with a principle of minimalism to allow this breathtaking stone to shine through and be the hero.

Elefante Bianco is a natural stone with the following colour characteristics. Shades of aubergine, browns, sand, tinges of blue and grey make up this unique and individual stone. This natural stone may appear lighter or darker depending on the angle of light. Pictures are for illustration purposes and may appear different in your home, we cannot be held responsible, exchange or refund based on colour variations, you are welcome to contact us for a clearer description of colour before making your purchase.

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This product is sealed and honed. To care for your piece we suggest using a gentle soap and water. Do not place hot items on the stone surface. Avoid any acidic or highly pigmented food or drink coming into contact with the surface. Clean any spills promptly to avoid the penetration of the stain into the surface.


Being a natural stone, each piece varies and is unique.

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